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Gizzards for dogs?

Hi furiends it’s Lisbeth again, today I wanted to share with you some great benefits that chicken gizzards can provide to your dogs, it’s also a very affordable price treat and they will absolutely love it!

Let’s talk about what is a gizzard, Gizzards are a part of a chicken’s digestive tract. They do not have teeth the way most animals do. It’s actually a muscle that allows the chicken to grind up their food before digesting it.

Gizzards are rich in cartilage, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron, all important nutrients for a healthy immune system. They are natural source of glucosamine meaning: it will help supporting joint health, since they have a tough texture, chicken gizzards are excellent for dogs to chew on. These also help to clean a dog's teeth and gums as exercise of the chewing, making them great treats for them.


Now, what would be the best way to give gizzards to your dogs? Cook or maybe raw? You might ask, well the truth is that we found online that they preserve more properties when given raw and some things people stated that it’s their natural diet in the wild, but it’s also safe to say that if you feel more comfortable by cooking them, they will work as a delicious and nutritious treat too.

We also recommend not exceed the 20% of your dog’s diet on gizzards because they are absolutely great but high in cholesterol as well, but definitely consult with your vet before making them a permanent part of their diet.

Pantera and Eldrick Loved them! We are adding them to our weekly treats.

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