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Hi guys this is Lisbeth again, today is a very saddening day for my, my dear and oldest fur kid Tutti Frutti passed on Saturday due to a heart attack because of old age, he was 17, he was my friend since I was still a teenager, he was part of most of my most important milestones and its hard to say good bye, its being one emotional weekend because even though it was to be expected because of his age I did not wanted to imagine life without him on it, he was in my native country Venezuela, with my parents, in the house he lived his whole life, I wish I could of being there in his last days, I will always punish myself for that.
(Tutti and Lis in a peace and love dog park party)
People ask: Why do I feel the way I feel when losing a pet? “It’s only a pet” some would say! However, those who have loved a dog know the truth: Your own pet is never “just a dog.”
(Tutti was always with us, this is my brother Willy)
Tutti was never just a dog for me or my family, since very early in his life I declared him my son, my baby boy that would join me in every possible adventure and happily for me: he did! My family quickly considered him one of us, maybe it’s because there is no bond interspecies like Human/Dog friendship, there is nothing I would change about him, he was an adventurous chihuahua, independent and full of personality. It would be impossible to forget about you Tutti, even if I tried.
I actually wanted to create this post just to kind of drain all my feeling and just talk my soul out to make me feel better, but also to share some thoughts about this topic because I know like me there are other people grieving for their loss and some people trying to cope for it, as well as some of us realizing our pets cant outlive us and when they are starting to get old, this is something that comes to our minds immediately, so for us; I will share some ways to cope with the loss of a dear Fur Baby.
(Because matching with my dogs was always my lifestyle)
(Tutti, Gloria and Lis with matching outfits, because matching with your pet was always my lifestyle)
Some healthy practice when losing a pet can be:
- Dont let anyone tell you how to feel or act, you and only you know the conection and the love shared, if you need to cry over your loved one, do so!
- Reach out to friends and family members who also shared love for this pet, talk about funny stories, cute moments, share pictures, remember the special times and have a happy approach to its life in yours.
- Create a legacy, build a memorial with pictures, maybe a necklace, something for you to have at home where you can find it. (Im personally making a special collage for tutti and placing it in my apartment).
- Look after yourself, go to work, to the gym, visit your friends an family as usual, mantain your usual rutine as per usual.
- If there is still other pets at home, keep it normal for them, tha walks and feeding time, they are probably missing someone at home too, lets try to maintain the same rutine.
- If you feel than this is something that is too hard for you and you cant overcome it with time, please look for professional assistance.
- Dont give up on loving pets, thats the most beautiful love, pure and honest, it is true; its painful when they leave but how happy were they? how happy do they make us? give another pet the opportunity to now how a loving family looks like.
Guys thanks for reading this far, Im new at writing but I really really like it, it makes me feel like Im chating with my friends and in a way I am! see you next blog post.
With Love,

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