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Pregnancy in small dogs from our personal experience!


Hi Guys, mi name is Lisbeth Baptista, as some of you might now we are pet parents to an adorable solid black Dachshund, she is 5 y/o now and she delivered 6 boys on July 19th 2018, she was only 2 y/o and by the time she got pregnant she have had only 3 heats, my family lives in Venezuela and we have a male dachshund that by the time he was only 1 year but strong enough to feel the heat hahaha, so what actually happen was kind of a mistake but we were kind of expecting it to happen and… It happened!

Pregnancy in small dog

Once Pantera got pregnant was pretty obvious because my mom found the dogs linked and they remained like that for several minutes, so a couple weeks later we started noticing the changes in Pantera's body, she was a little chubbier, hungrier and her nipple size was much bigger than usual, immediatley we took her to the vet for an ultrasound, turning into a great discovery of 6 puppies inside of her.

dog ultrasound

Dogs pregnancy is fairly short compared to humans, they deliver after only 58 to 68 days, so approximately 2 months only, her behavior was completely normal, but in the last days you could see her tiredness, since it was her first time and our first time delivering puppies we were very scared and even though about a C- section, but to be very honest if your dog is healthy and young and unless is a vet recommendation, they are completely prepared for that moment, it comes with them, their maternal instinct, I would suggest to read some articles, ask your vet for tips and have some things on hand for the moment (make your math because it could be an unexpected moment) some old blankets, warm water and have the puppies bed already prepared, some vitamins will help her recover after the birth if vet says so.

Pantera start her birth on July 19th at night I wasn’t at home, my mom assisted her but she noticed after it was too late for the 1st puppy (it was too big and pantera couldn’t do it herself, by the time my mom realized and start helping it was too late) since it was Panteras 1st time delivering she did not now what she was going trough and as all animals they don’t like to be pity to others so she hide thinking she was dying, after the 1st baby and my mom arriving to her, she let her help her in everything but as I said before she was ready without even knowing it, she did all the puppies cleaning and cordon cutting, her delivery was divided, she had 4 puppies at night and then she continue next morning, she was a great mom, took care of her babies completely for the first 4 weeks and fed them to perfection, after they could start eating and drinking water and not only milk she start to get very annoyed by them like literally she would hide from them, but overall she was a great mom and she deliver 5 healthy boys.

Fun fact 1: Eldrick my other doxie (black and tan) is Pantera's son.

Fun fact 2: Eglee our designer actually helped pantera deliver one of the boys who is now call Panterito.

SUMARIZING, key tips: 

- Be there for your baby girl, she will instintively know what to do but in case of any complication is always good to be ready to assit her.

- Make sure to go to all vet appoiments to make sure everything is going okay.

- Be ready, have the puppies bed ready, blankets, and all other equipment you will need.

- To have a better understanding I will suggest to read some articules from others pet parents experiences.

Thank you so much for reading this post, it is very important for us to have you guys as friends and supporters! We are very happy to have you as part of our pack.

With Love,

Lisbeth Baptista (Pantera's Mom)



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